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Custom, Traditional & Eco Friendly Rubber Stamps

We provide all types of stamps, signs, badges and embossing and marking products as well as stationery and printed goods.

All orders will be processed on the same day, and if in stock, will also be dispatched on the same day.

The full list of stamping and marking products can be found in our Full Catalogue. If you cannot find the item you require, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our Products

  • Rubber Stamps

    Traditional Rubber Stamp – an extremely light and durable mount, offering a wider range of sizes. The large index window is the same size as the mount, so you can see the entire impression of the stamp.

    As a traditional rubber stamp, this mount has to be used with a separate stamp pad.

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    Rubber stamps
  • Eco-Friendly Stamps

    Eco-Friendly Green Line Stamp – self-inking stamps, manufactured using recycled technology and materials.

    80% of recycled plastic is used for the Printer line, 60% of recycled plastic is used for the Classic line.

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    Green Line Eco-Friendly stamps
  • Dater Stamps

    Traditional rubber date stamps – for use with a separate stamp pad. Dates are placed in the centre of the stamp impression. The date is easily changed by releasing a catch, the die plate drops down, and the date bands can be turned to change the date.

    There are many sizes available with an option of a round or oval impression. We also stock self-inking dater stamps.

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    Dater stamps
  • Embossing Presses & Marking Products

    Embossing presses – used to perforate or to emboss paper or cardboard with a positive and a negative mould. The paper has to be inserted into the embosser and will be pressed.

    After that a lasting visible marking remains, which can not be copied.

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    Embossing presses and marking products
  • Badges and Signs

    Badges and signs – We stock self-adhesive vinyl/aluminium as well as engraved laminate and sliding panel signs and custom engraved badges.

    Large selection of colours and sizes available.

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    Badges and signs